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I am a self-taught artist photographer, although I have an specific training in photography, such as a Master In Photography and Digital Printing, and more than 18 years experienced. I believe that defines me, my passion for looking for a feeling to convey in each of the photographs and try to take the snapshots with the utmost complicity of each model and situation.

When you are always learning from other good photographers and artist, when photography captives you and your imagination explodes with new ideas, when the trigger click drives you crazy, and you enjoy looking for the right fit, that’s when you start making good art photographies.

I frequently travel all over Europe, and you can find me in Barcelona, London or Amsterdam where we can do a wonderful photo art session.

If you wish more information about me or you’d like to book a photo session, please contact me, send me an email and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.


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